Friday, October 1, 2010

October already?!

That is crazy! I can't believe that it is October 1st today. I am sure that I said this on September 1st and August 1st. This year seems to be going by so dang fast. When is everything going to slow down? Probably not anytime soon… L

The babies have been having a really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep lately. Adey has never been a great sleeper but she seems to be getting worse. She'll whine in her crib for about 30 minutes before falling asleep for a 20 minute nap. Jocey has always been my great sleeper. She can take 2 hour naps and sleeps all the way through the night until yesterday. She learned how to sit up from laying position yesterday. She refused to nap for about an hour and then finally fell asleep and woke back up after 30 minutes-happy as a clam to be sitting up! This morning they both woke up at 5:30! And to top it off, when I went in to get them, Jocey was standing and rocking the bars like she was in prison! I'm seriously SOL! I really hope that Adey starts catching up with her sister. I feel so bad when Jocey crawls away from her and she starts bawling her eyes out. Yesterday, she attempted to pull herself up on a toy but couldn't even get her butt off the floor. At least she tried though, that's better than just staring at the toy that you want. This morning she has really been scooting around in circles and even army-crawled about 3 steps when she thought that I wasn't looking. Hopefully, it will just be a few more weeks. Last night, Josh and I swear she said "Da!" She said it twice. I felt like crying. I know everyone says to not compare babies and that every baby is different but Adey just seems so far behind. She's so smart though and is going to catch up!

Devanne is doing great also. She has really improved in soccer. I can't believe how much she has improved from last year. She loves her sisters. It is so great to see her interacting with them and to see how much they adore her. When she left for school today, Jocey cried! I just love my kids so much!

I will start testing on Monday for ovulation. Maybe we will have a 4th kid in the mix by this time next year!

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