Thursday, August 18, 2011


I started my period yesterday. I sort of thought maybe it was implantation bleeding but I had a blood test and a HCG test today and they were both negative. I'm sad but I know there will be a next time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

9 dpo

Hi my love bug(s),

Today mommy had to work ALL day. I was so tired when I got home that I actually took a nap after dinner for awhile. I took 2 more pregnancy tests today- both negative. I'm really starting to doubt myself. Maybe I am just crazy and you are really not there. I had some nausea today, almost threw up in the car, my breasts were sore, and my back hurt like heck. Am I just imagining it?? I hope that you are there. I hope I get to see you in 9 months.

Tomorrow I am taking your sisters to an indoor park. Hopefully I can stay awake. :)

I love you,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

8 dpo

Hi Love bug(s),

Mommy took another test today, actually two, both were negative. :( I'm feeling a little dismayed but I know that it is still too early. We went shopping again today... I had more heartburn, my tummy hurt, my back hurt... everything. I really hpe that you are there!

I will take another one tomorrow!

I love you,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 dpo

Hi Love bug(s),

I changed the dates on the dpo because I realized that today would be exactly a week since you were conceived (if you are there!). I tried to take a pregnancy test but it came out negative. I'm pretty sure that mommy is just being silly and took it way too early. Today was a day full of symptoms. We went school shopping today. We started our day at the outlet mall and then made our way to the regular mall, and then went to cousin Gracie's first birthday party. Mommy was sick the whole day. I was bloated and sick feeling and then I got heartburn. I have never had heartburn except for when I was pregnant with your sisters. I am really hoping that this means you are there. I'm not going to take another test until Monday. I hope by then I will get a positive!

I love you,

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 dpo

Hello my love bug(s),

Mommy is so tired tonight. It is about 11:40 at night and we're watching TV. I had major cramps today. I hope that I had them because you're burrowing yourself into my stomach and getting ready for a nice 9 month stay. I am going to take the first pregnancy test on Sunday. Only two more days and hopefully I will get a positive but even if I don't I know there is still a possibility you are in there. What will you look like? What fun stuff are you going to learn first? I'm so excited and I don't even know if you are there or not!

Until tomorrow, I love you-

Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 dpo

Hi Love bug(s),

This is just going to be a quick note today because my computer is dying, but I did not have implantation bleeding today. I was hoping that I would. But according to google, you don't have to have the bleeding to be preggo. I hope not. I am so excited to know whether you are there or not. I am going to suprise your daddy. I bought pregnancy tests that I hope to take this weekend. He doesn't know that I did. I know that he will be so surprised that I kept the secret! :)

Mommy loves you,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 dpo

Hi my love bug(s),

Today we went to the park with your aunties, cousin, and sisters. We had a lot of fun. We played in the water and went in the kiddie pools. I was imagining myself with one or two more babies. I was thinking, "Wow, it would be really hard but also exciting." I don't know how I am going to take you guys all someplace by myself. How can I stroller at least two strollers? :) This is going to be interesting.

I haven't felt much of anything again today. The only "symptom" that I am really having is being extremely bloated. I can't eat too much or I fill really full. That's ok because your sister, Jocey, finished all of my food for me all day. I am hoping that tomorrow there will be some implantation bleeding. I got that on day 6 with your sisters. Fingers crossed... I love you!

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4 dpo

Hello love bug(s),

Today has been a weird symptom day because I didn't really feel anything except really bloated. That makes me feel pregnant by itself. I'm really excited to find out whether you are there. Hopefully in another week or so.

I took your big sister to the doctor today and then we hung out at home. Tomorrow I think we are going to go to the park. I can't wait to take you to the park. It is so much fun to see my kids running around having a great time.

Mommy loves you already!

Monday, August 8, 2011

3 dpo

Hello baby or babies,

Well, today did it. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant unless I am crazy! I'm exhausted and my breasts hurt SO bad. This scares me since it has only been 3 days. I am definitely thinking that there are 2 of you in there. What is mommy going to do with 5 babies?? I'm going to love you and care for you just the same that's what. I just hope and pray that you are born healthy and safe. Mommy loves you very much already.

Today, your sisters and I sat around the house. We played together and went to the park. Your big sister finally found a friend to play with and has been out ever since.

Well, until tomorrow love bug or love bugs.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 dpo

Today Daddy and I helped Auntie Kim pack up her uhaul and get ready to move to Indiana. We are going to miss her soooo much but she promises to be here when you are born. After packing, we went to Changs for dinner. It was so yummy and I hope all the cells growing inside of me right now appreciate the good food. :) Today I haven't felt much. I am not as crampy as yesterday though I am still tired. My breasts are a little sore but I'm not sure why. Maybe I am just crazy. Daddy wouldn't let me pick up anything heavy at Auntie's house. He loves you before we even know you're there. 10-12 days before we find out though. I am so excited! I can't wait to see if you are a boy or a girl. I can't wait to name and I especially can't wait to bring you home to your family. Your sisters are going to love you so much! Until tomorrow... love always, your mom!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 1-Hopefully

Today we got inseminated. Today I could be the mother of 4 or 5 children. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I looked back at the girls' pregnancy journal that I kept and I bawled my eyes out. I can't believe that I found out I was pregnant only after 9 days. I found out we were having twins after 28 days. I didn't do such a great job at keeping up the journal so I thought I would try to put it here. Maybe I can print later on... my husband says yea right but that only makes me want to more! :)

Today I was extremely crampy. Probably from the IUI. The cramping went away and now I just feel this tugging on my stomach muscles like I have been doing situps. Also my lower back is killing me. My nipples are sore and my head hurts. Side effects from the IUI... side effects from the clomid or ovulating? I guess we will see.