Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cycle Day 7

I cannot believe what just happened. I went in to take my last two pills of Cl.o.mid; while I was opening the package, one pill flew out and went straight down the bathroom sink. I tried to look down the drain but it was gone. L I took the one pill I had left but I can't believe it… I wanted to break down right there. We will see what happens now. It's all in God's hands. I should start testing on Sunday but if it goes as last time-day 14 will be Wednesday, a week from today. I am still having hot flashes and headaches. I looked it up on the internet. Hot flashes occur in 10% of women while headaches occur in 1%. I am so glad that I am in the minority!

I can't help but look at my beautiful children and wonder if I am asking too much. They are healthy and wonderful and there's 3 of them! Why do we want one more? I can't explain it but I feel like we will be complete at 4.

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