Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 7-My Favorite Movies

It's really hard to say what my favorite of things are… favorite songs?! I have no clue. Favorite food?! I have a bunch. Favorite color?! I don't know. My favorite movies… hmm… I LOVE Denzel Washington-anything with him in it! My favorite would be Man on Fire. It makes me cry my eyes out every time. And Denzel-such a great actor. I also have been loving movies with Forest Whitaker in them. I recently watched Repo Man and The Experiment. They were such good movies. Repo man was kinda gory but good story line. The Notebook was an all-time great movie. I like watching horror movies… Saw and Scream to name a few but my husband hates them so it's boring watching them by myself.

I guess it's hard to name a favorite because I love watching movies. I don't go to the movie theater hardly ever anymore especially since the twins were born but Netflix and Redbox are great inventions!

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