Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainy Soccer Game and Binkie Update...

So we had our first rainy soccer game of the season but it actually went pretty well. We set up a half-tent for the girls so they could still see out but not get soaked. I sat under there with them because let's face it, I didn't want to get soaked! The girls did very well-even my little crawler who SO wanted in the mud. My big girl did fantastic! She started as forward and almost got a goal! She finished off as defense-she never let a ball get by her! That's my girl! They ended up tying-not too shabby!

The girls did great on their first night without their binkies. They cried for 22 minutes-believe me, I counted! Adey still woke up at her regular times, 2 and 6, but fell asleep by herself within 30 minutes and slept until 7:15 so I would have to say that was pretty much a success. I wonder if she is EVER going to sleep all the way through. She has only done this 2 nights her whole lil' life. Any tips?

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