Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Blog and a Promise

So I started a new blog because I couldn't get the other one I had to look the way I wanted it to (blogger designs is a WHOLE other post), but I am determined to do a better job at blogging. When the twins came I promised myself that I would write every little thing down in their baby books but they are only about half-way filled up. I feel like time is passing crazy fast and I want to document my family's lives before I become old and senile. So here's an update:

Devanne is going to be 10 years old next month! She just started 4th grade and doing wonderfully as always. She is such a little smarty pants. Her biggest milestone as of late is getting a cell phone. I always told myself that I wouldn't let her have a cell phone until she was at least 13 (even though everyone else has one, MOM!) but I decided to let her walk to school this year. Usually I am pretty strict about making her go everywhere with me or another adult but I just couldn't see getting the twins out of the house every single morning like I did last year. The school is only .3 miles away and there are crossguards on every corner so I let my baby fly the nest. I did get her a cell phone (which she was more than thrilled with) and she has to text me every morning when she hits the school doorsteps. She has done pretty good at that except for one day-I automatically called the school asking if she was there!She is playing soccer again this season and has gotten quite good. I really enjoy going to her games now! She is still my little helper with the babies. She loves them to pieces and their eyes light up everytime she enters the room. I can't believe how big she is getting. Before I know it... she is going to be a teenager!

Jocelyn and Adelyn are 10 months old (did I just say that?). 10 months! 2 more months until their 1st birthday!!! That is insane to me. My two babies could not be more different than one another. Jocelyn is outgoing and constantly moving. She learned how to army crawl a couple of weeks ago and will now not stop until naptime. SHe is constantly rolling and crawling. She is a terror of our kitties. But her smile and eyes will stop you in your tracks. She "talks" constantly and can say "mama," "dada," "nana", and "lala." Her new favorite is "goo-goo, gah gah" Way to be such a baby! She is constantly interacting with anyone that crosses her path. She laughs hysterically. She has started pulling herself up on things now and even almost escaped the bathtub last night!

Adelyn is my little sweetheart. She has not learned how to crawl yet. She gets so frustrated when her sister crawls off without her. She does not babble as Jocey does but mainly just listens to her sister. She has had a few health problems that are all starting to come together. She was having febrile seizures that landed her in the hospital for a week at a time. She would stop breathing and Josh even had to do CPR. It was the scariest moment in my entire life. We have since figured out that she has kidney reflux. It is where her pee refluxes back into her kidneys causing UTI's. The UTI's cause fevers and then she has seizures. She is on antibiotics for the next year. We are hoping that she will grow out of the reflux so she won't have to have surgery. She was on a seizure medication when I decided to take her off of it (against medical advice). She was a little baby zombie. She wouldn't sleep at night-tossing, turning, moaning, and groaning so during the day she couldn't even keep her head up. She wasn't moving or talking at 9 months old. Since taking her off the medication, she has really started to open up. She is starting to squeal and get her voice out there. She is rolling and trying to crawl. She has started to drink from a sippy cup-all of this in a span of 2 weeks. She loves her sisters and loves to "talk" and laugh at Jocey. She loves her mama...she is still having a hard time going to sleep and staying assleep but I am not sure what we are going to do about this.

Josh and I are doing fine. We love our life with our kids. They really are everything to us. Josh got a new job working for the state which is about an hour commute each way. He hates it but it is paying the bills and gives us great health insurance. I hope he finds something soon that he will enjoy doing. We are contemplating on having another child. We both know that we want one more and the time just seems right since I am going to graduate with my bachelor's degree in 2 years and would love to go back to work after. The new baby would be old enough for daycare and the girls would be in preschool. It seems so crazy but right. We will have to see how that one goes.

Hopefully, I am going to post everyday at least a little something. Without further delay, here's my beautiful kids!

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