Monday, September 27, 2010

Cycle Day 5

I started taking Cl.o.mid on Saturday. I realized that I never wrote down what I was feeling when I took the Cl.o.mid last time. Josh said that I was well, pretty bitchy. I don't remember being bad but who knows. So I decided to write everything this time in order to remember if I EVER want to do this again.

The last couple of days have been pretty good. I don't feel like I am having many mood swings. Maybe we should ask the husband since he knows it all. J The main complaint that I have is that I feel so hot. I feel like I am having heat waves throughout the day. At night, I have to have a fan directly on my body and I haven't been using blankets either. I also feel like I am having a lot of headaches. Now I do get headaches on occasion anyway but not usually this bad. Other than that, I feel good physically.

Mentally, I am all over the place. I am anxious, worried, scared, terrified, excited, happy… I know that it is all in God's plan as to how many more kids I have and He won't give us more than we can handle…but more than one at a time would feel like it's way more than I can handle! The chance of multiples again is a big thing. I have convinced myself that if it is twins again-I can handle that-but more! I don't know… I am anxious to even know whether the Cl.o.mid is going to work in the first place. I will start testing next Sunday. I could be pregnant in less than 2 weeks! That is so crazy. The nurses tell me that getting pregnant again with the first insemination is very unlikely. Will it happen?!

In other news, Adey army-crawled for the first time today. She was so frustrated. I took away her toy and put it a few feet away from her. She cried and screamed but she finally did it! I couldn't get her to do it again today so we will have to see.

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