Friday, September 24, 2010

The decision has been made...

It has been decided…we are going to try for another baby. We haven’t told anyone yet. Josh really thinks we should make it a surprise for the rest of the family since we aren’t really able to surprise them with a “planned” pregnancy. Some people are going to think we are crazy. Our twins are 10 ½ months…money is tight…etc. But there are many reasons why we think the time is now.

We already know that we want to have a 4th child in the near future. We were going to wait until next year but have decided not to. The main reason is I want to go back to work at some point in the near future. I am in school right now. I will have my associate’s degree this December and will be starting my bachelor’s program in January. It will be 2 years from then until I graduate. If we have another baby, the girls will be in preschool and the baby will be 2 and hopefully ready for daycare. I will be able to go straight to work after graduating. We need this. We want to buy a house and pay down our debt. This just isn’t going to happen on 1 income. Both Josh and I do not want me to go to work for at least the baby’s 1st year or more. So if we wait until next year, I will have to wait to go back to work. Secondly, we are just plain excited to have another baby. I am a little worried about having multiples again, but I know that this is in God’s hands. It is all decided by Him.
Last month, I went in to my doctor to talk to him about having another baby. He did my yearly work-up and gave me the prescription for Clomid again. We signed all the consent forms for the IUI and were just waiting for my period to come. Then my gallbladder got infected. I had to have surgery in order to get it out. I was 4 weeks late having my period. I thought it was never going to come again… until…
YESTERDAY! Aunt Flo came to visit with a vengeance. So tomorrow I start the Clomid. We are taking 100 mg this time instead of the 150 mg that we conceived the girls with. If it all works out like last time, I should be going in for an IUI around October 7th. YIKES! This is happening… Pray for us.

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