Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 dpo

Hi Love bug(s),

I changed the dates on the dpo because I realized that today would be exactly a week since you were conceived (if you are there!). I tried to take a pregnancy test but it came out negative. I'm pretty sure that mommy is just being silly and took it way too early. Today was a day full of symptoms. We went school shopping today. We started our day at the outlet mall and then made our way to the regular mall, and then went to cousin Gracie's first birthday party. Mommy was sick the whole day. I was bloated and sick feeling and then I got heartburn. I have never had heartburn except for when I was pregnant with your sisters. I am really hoping that this means you are there. I'm not going to take another test until Monday. I hope by then I will get a positive!

I love you,

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