Monday, March 25, 2013


Josh here:

We did get a positive PG test in November but the little guy didn't stick for long. The doctors called it an early term miscarriage. Really was a bummer. Decided to take a few months off. Tried again in February, this time added in progesterone supplements on day 2 post iui. (IUI was done at the doctors office). But 8 days after the IUI Jessica started bleeding very heavily, so not only did it not work but the progesterone was terrible and seemed to cause excessive bleeding.
Jessica went in to see the OBGYN for a fertility consult last week to discuss our options going forward. We are doing one more month of clomid (this month) with IUI (completed this last Saturday); No progesterone supplements. If this doesn't take then next month we will try fumera, which is another oral medication to assist in ovulation. Then, we will see.
So, we're in a count down at the moment. 5 days until a progesterone test to tell us how well she ovulated (hopefully over 15). 14 days until a home pg test and 16 for a blood test. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Jessica: You left a comment on my blog the other day (Hope and a Future) asking to read my new blog. I actually need your e-mail address to invite you to read it... You can send it to me at

    I hope things went well with your last pregnancy try! I know that it is so hard to try over and over again with so much emotion and money involved and get negative results over and over. :(